Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Massage Chair

Thinking about purchasing a Massage Chair?

If you ever thought about purchasing a massage chair it may seem overwhelming. You want to start by considering some of the true benefits that come from a massage chair.

Although it is a big purchase, it is always wise to see the long term benefits of this investment.


Here the top 5 reasons to consider buying a Massage Chair.


No 1 –   Back Pain Relief

Whether it’s a few aches here and there or if you are experiencing chronic back pain, a session on a massage chair can make a world of difference.

A great back massage can relieve lower back pain, upper back pain and overall ease muscle tension.  Massage chairs are specially known to aid back pain relief.

Make sure that your chair targets upper, mid and lower back.

Adjust the setting of the chair depending on the type of back pain that you have.

No 2 –   Decrease Stress Levels


When the body is in stress it releases cortisol. Cortisol can increase sleep problems, anxiety, weight gain and the list goes on.

A massage will give you a mental benefit of stress management. A 20 – minute session can give fantastic physical benefits by reliving tightness but regular use also greatly helps cope with stress.


Both mental and physical needs are met when it comes to stress, this in turn causes a plethora of other positive benefits throughout the body.


No 3 –  Boosts your immune system

Massage therapy has shown to improve immunity, even with those who have a damaged immune system such as HIV patients according to a 12 week controlled study.

Specifically massage therapy helps increase white blood cells which are the main line of defense when it comes keeping us healthy.

A massage chair can help you have massage therapy at your convenience and privacy.


No 4 –  Boosts circulation

Massage chairs can improve circulation by reducing tension and by stimulation of circulatory systems throughout the body.

A quality massage chair helps with both the cardiovascular system like the heart and they lymphatic system which is associated with immunity.  Improved circulation delivers oxygen to muscles and organs while facilitating the removal of waste products.


No 5 –  Can dramatically decrease tension headaches.

Headaches can occur for a number of reasons.  Some reasons may include tension in the body like a stiff neck or just an overall tightness. With the right manipulation and pressure on the muscle, massage aids stress relief and reduction of headaches.

Poor posture and neck pain can both contribute to headaches however, a quality massage chair can drastically improve both.


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